Confession is the debut album from Stoop Quintet, a jazz group whose unusual sound is darkly melodic, characterised by obsessive motifs and sudden bursts of improvised music against a highly composed back-drop.

Featuring Sam Miles (saxophones), Alex Munk (guitar), Flo Moore (bass), Dave Smyth (drums) and Jonathan Brigg (piano and compositions), the Quintet was formed at the University of York, where there was much bending of stylistic parameters. The tunes that emerged wildly in those first experiments have since adopted a cooler sound, shaped by performance at venues such as the Vortex and a prestigious platform at the London Jazz Festival.

Confession is a collection of stories told in music. ‘Stoop Kid’, the band’s theme tune for sure, describes the plight of a character from the 90s American cartoon ‘Hey Arnold’: Stoop Kid is ‘afraid to leave his Stoop!’ – is the band afraid too? ‘Confession’ does what it says on the tin: the band members take turns at divulging their darkest musical secrets against a merciless 7/8 vamp from the rhythm section. In Solider On, layer after later of sound is added to create a haunting musical tapestry. ‘Ranch’, ‘Turn’, ‘Fable’, ‘Sevens’ – each showcases the band in a different light, trying to balance distinctive composition with inventive and often beautiful soloing.

Confesssion will be released on ASC Records on 10th February 2016.


“A very strong debut from a promising young band.”
Jazz In York

“A creatively inspired, diverse and emotionally complex debut album.”
Blue Flamingo